Whew, y’all. I feel crazy even typing this today. But, with a sick kiddo keeping us in the house, and a hubby out of town (meaning, I’m tending the sick ones by myself), I honestly just needed to put my mind on something else… so, to the blog I come! I neglected January goals and […]

February 2017 Goals

February 2, 2017

Yes, you heard me correctly. We sold our house. The pretty white one with the front porch and open floor plan. The one Nic built. The one we moved into just a year ago. (Insert your own gasp here.) The one your friends are pinning on Pinterest. It feels strange to even type these words, […]

That one time we sold our custom home…

August 3, 2016

Hooray! Welcome to the brand new site. I’m so thrilled to share it with you and I decided there’d be no better day to celebrate than on my birthday! It’s been quiet around these parts lately as I’ve been working hard behind the scenes to transition teasleyphotography.com over to meredithteasley.com… but not just for a […]

Welcome to the Brand New MeredithTeasley.com

May 27, 2015

Happy November! I love the beautiful season of autumn and all the amazing colors it brings. November is going to be a fun but crazy month around these parts. In just a couple of weeks we will celebrate Rachel’s first birthday and I cannot believe it’s already been nearly a year since God blessed us […]

November 2014 Goals

November 1, 2014

Wow! October… such a month of change and crazy. I’m excited about it! Speaking of crazy, things have been a bit crazy around the Teasley casa, or lack there of (wink!) these past few weeks. Keep up with our fun home-building adventures on Instagram! Sorry I missed September, but let’s just say I’m welcoming October […]

October 2014 Goals

October 1, 2014

Happy July, I mean August! I usually work hard to post my goals around the first of the month… but I missed a whole month. July was a whirlwind. Why, you ask? Because this happened… And getting our home ready to sell involved involved lots and lots of cleaning, de-cluttering (check that off my list for the past few […]

August 2014 Goals

August 1, 2014

Happy June! Let’s be honest, I’m a little bummed that May is over… it’s my birthday month, it was my first Mother’s Day, and a busy but fun month for us in the Teasley home. Last month I completed a mini contentment challenge with Victoria. I learned quite a bit about myself. I learned that […]

June 2014 Goals

June 3, 2014

I’m excited to start a new and probably sporadic, series on the blog! It’s called “Meet My Friend…” and will showcase some of the amazing people the Lord has placed in my life! I seriously have some incredibly talented friends who are doing amazing things. A few of them even trust me enough to hire me, […]

Meet My Friend, Chandra!

May 13, 2014

Happy May! I love May and couldn’t imaging not blogging my May goals. It’s been a challenge, though, because so far May is winning and I am not. Life has been crazy busy! However, I firmly believe that God works in all things! Today (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOM!) I am very thankful for the way He orchestrated […]

May 2014 Goals

May 7, 2014

Happy April! It’s time for some monthly goals. Oh, and Rachel says, “Hi!” 🙂 APRIL GOALS: Work out at least 2 times each week. Travel to the beach and document it. So excited about this! Declutter: Master Bath. Attend a Calligraphy Class. *Submit at least 3 events for publication. *Finish reading Restless by Jennie Allen. Read 7 […]

April 2014 Goals

April 3, 2014