June 2014 Goals

Happy June! Let’s be honest, I’m a little bummed that May is over… it’s my birthday month, it was my first Mother’s Day, and a busy but fun month for us in the Teasley home. Last month I completed a mini contentment challenge with Victoria. I learned quite a bit about myself. I learned that I don’t really shop much at all since having Rachel. However, I do often buy things without thinking hard about their purpose and if the purchase is really necessary. I also learned that I turn to food, namely sugar and carbs, when I’m stressed or bored. So, in the middle of this contentment challenge, I decided to do start a Whole 30 challenge. What is the Whole 30? It’s basically eating nothing but whole foods for 30 days — mostly veggies and meats with some fruits and nuts. No sugar, no dairy, no grains, no potatoes, soy, corn, additives, etc. I’m on Day 15 and it’s actually been fun. It hasn’t been easy, and I’ve spend a LOT more time in the kitchen preparing food. However, I’ve learned about so many more fun foods to cook, and I’ve enjoyed the yummy tastes of things I didn’t notice before because I was drowning in all those carbs. This isn’t a whole 30 post, so I’ll stop there, but I would love to chat about it more if you’re interested! May was a month of discovery and introspection, and I’m feeling excited about carrying some of that over to June. Nic took me on a little golf outing for my birthday, and had someone clean our home while we were out! YAY!!! My parents came to visit a couple of times, baby Rachel was dedicated at church (which deserves a post of its own), we picked strawberries with friends, and I photographed a fun radio event at the Johnny Cash Museum in downtown Nashville! Needless to say, we were busy. Oh, and Rachel cut TWO teeth this month, and is now a much happier camper! 🙂


I want to be more present in June, so my goals are a bit more centered around family and friends than photography and work.


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