March 2014 Goals

Happy March! I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how much my life has changed in the past year! This time last year, I was preparing to go to Chapel Hill, North Carolina for the Making Things Happen conference. It was here that I met some beautiful friends including the ladies pictured below, who have become a big part of my of life and a huge encouragement to me. It was March of last year when we found out we were expecting baby Teasley and when I slipped off the radar for a while as I fought morning sickness and fatigue! This March will hopefully look a bit different as I juggle life as a mom and business owner. Already, this year has been off to a slow start… although I expected that with a little one. The driven, goal-oriented side of me gets frustrated with my failures, but I am enjoying time with Rachel and slowly learning that those baby snuggles are worth so much more than the other things I want to accomplish!


In the spirit of Making Things Happen, here are my goals for the month of March:


  • Work out 3 times each week… hopefully the weather will help this goal happen. February was a great month for working out.
  • Take a trip to the mountains with friends, and document it.
  • Continue decluttering and simplifying our home.
  • Submit at least 3 events for publication.
  • Finish reading Restless by Jennie Allen.
  • Complete one social-media free weekend.
  • Edit Rachel’s photos from months 1-3.
  • Prepare a blog post of my favorite baby products!

What are your goals for the month? Leave a comment and share them!

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