March Goals

Happy March! I can’t believe two whole months have passed in 2013. Time to set some goals for this upcoming month… Let’s start by looking at my February Goals – what got accomplished, and what didn’t!

  • Finish phase one of my photography branding and blog update! Very excited about this, y’all!
  • Decide on any additional print or web branding pieces needed.
  • Host a wedding shower. Yay for Mary and John! (BLGG COMING THIS WEEK!)
  • Shoot my first engagement session of 2013. Excited for Bryan and Erin, featured above with a blog post coming soon!
  • Attend a local workshop (for real this time). Watched it online, but also attended a photog meet-up.
  • Bite the bullet and shoot 2 rolls of film on the Rolleiflex. Get it developed. Evaluate and learn! Haven’t taken it to get developed yet.
  • Plant early Spring vegetables in the garden. Decided February was too early! Planting in March.
  • Make 6-month savings goals with Nic, and put them in writing (not just on the computer).
  • Find a local photographer and a date to take new bio photos for my site and facebook page. Haven’t found anyone yet… any takers?!?!
  • Choose and sign up for a 5K. I chose one (WillPower 5K) and then had an important scheduling conflict. Boo!
  • Wake up daily at 6am, on weekdays.
  • Workout 3x per week.
  • Continue planning a styled shoot with Vintage Florals.
  • Make a schedule of my ideal morning routine with my current work schedule.*
  • Paint and reorganize built-in bookcases in the office and blog about my door project*
  • Finish Guerrilla Marketing (for me) and Sticky Church (for work).* Still reading Guerrilla Marketing! #progressnotperfection

I wouldn’t call February too shabby! Still struggling with waking up early and working out consistently… but we will keep working toward that. Now, on to March.

  • Finish Guerrilla Marketing (for real this time).
  • Read The Legend of the Monk and the Merchant.
  • Paint built-ins.
  • Attend Making Things Happen and follow up on my take-aways from the workshop.
  • Wake up at 6am on weekdays.
  • Work out 3x per week.
  • Shoot bio photos for site. Any takers???
  • Plant my Spring garden.
  • Finish styled shoot and edit/blog the photos.
  • Visit family for Easter.

COMMENT and let me know what your March goals are, or leave a link to your goals post!

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