February Goals

It’s that time again! Time to look at my 2013 goals and January goals, see where we are with those, and set new February goals. I love the quote on this image. It’s inspiring to remember that it’s not just about checking the box or crossing through the goal. It’s about learning and growing and constantly striving to get better! That’s why I love goals so much.


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Let’s start with January… 

  • Wake up at 6am everyday. Not so much. Working on it.
  • Make a schedule of my ideal morning routine with my current work schedule. Working on this!
  • Attend a local photography workshop. Missed this. Boo.
  • Take my Rolleiflex to get serviced, and attend a “film walk” with local photographers. Got the Rolleiflex serviced. Itching to use it!
  • Prep for Adrienne’s arrival to stay with us (clean out guest room and closet, declutter)Adrienne is here, living with us, and things are going well so far! We got everything cleaned out and semi-decluttered.
  • Paint and reorganize built-in bookcases in the office and blog about my door project.This is in process.
  • Read Guerrilla Marketing (for me) and Sticky Church (for work). I failed at this, and sadly, it’s one of the things I wanted to finish most!
  • Celebrate my neice’s 2nd birthday! So fun! Blog coming soon. 
  • Plan/schedule a weekend getaway with Nic sometime this Spring.
  • Research early Spring plants for garden.

And now on to February…

  • Finish phase one of my photography branding and blog update! Very excited about this, y’all!
  • Decide on any additional print or web branding pieces needed.
  • Host a wedding shower. Yay for Mary and John!
  • Shoot my first engagement session of 2013. Excited for Bryan and Erin!
  • Attend a local workshop (for real this time).
  • Bite the bullet and shoot 2 rolls of film on the Rolleiflex. Get it developed. Evaluate and learn!
  • Plant early Spring vegetables in the garden.
  • Make 6-month savings goals with Nic, and put them in writing (not just on the computer).
  • Find a local photographer and a date to take new bio photos for my site and facebook page.
  • Choose and sign up for a 5K.
  • Wake up daily at 6am, on weekdays.
  • Workout 3x per week.
  • Finish planning a styled shoot with Vintage Florals.(So excited about this! And our photography is featured on her blog today!)
  • Make a schedule of my ideal morning routine with my current work schedule.*
  • Paint and reorganize built-in bookcases in the office and blog about my door project*
  • Finish Guerrilla Marketing (for me) and Sticky Church (for work).*

I’m already exhausted! But I also feel refreshed and challenged to look at these lists. Anyone have ideas for keeping these goals literally in front of you all the time, or at least a bit more often? I’m all ears! I also recently listened to Michael Hyatt’s podcast about discipline, where he recommends 5-7 goals. Perhaps I’m overshooting, but we will see how February goes! If you blog about your goals, post a link in the comments!
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