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This post is not easy to share, but is such a vivid reminder of why I do what I do. It’s about photos that will be cherished forever!! Job Kemp was diagnosed in early May with a rare, aggressive brain tumor called DIPG, and his family would love your prayers!

We took these photos in May 2017, and Job has fought a tough battle since then! I would encourage you to read more about his journey here:

Pray for Job’s parents, Chase and Katie. They have been such a picture of faith in God’s bigger plan… but they, too, need our prayers!!

Pray for Penny and Zeke, Job’s siblings. Pray that they would feel well-loved and cared for during this time when they don’t understand fully what’s happening with Job.

Pray for moments of laughter and joy in the midst of this painful, ugly fight with cancer.

Pray that friends and family, especially the Church, would continue to love the Kemps well with the love of Christ.

Early on in the diagnosis, Katie shared these ways to pray specifically:

1. Obviously, pray for healing and comfort for Job.
2. Pray that Job’s “normal period” would be a long and joyous season for our family.
3. Pray for peace and acceptance.
4. Pray for Chase as he takes time off work to be with the family. Pray that Hoodz will be able to run smoothly in his absence. Pray that the Hoodz team (many of whom are either family members and/or best friends) will be able to fill his absense.
5. Pray for me (Katie) with crohn’s symptom. I have been having a flare-up for a couple of weeks and stress can make it worse.
6. Pray for Penny Ruth. Pray that we can devote time and energy to caring, loving, teaching, and even disciplining her. Pray that she will be well loved and cared for during this time. Pray for wisdom for us when we need to have difficult conversations with her.

If you’d like to help the Kemps financially, you can do so HERE

and if you’d like to read more of Job’s story and keep up with updates and prayer needs, follow along HERE!

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