Megan & David’s Fall Nashville Wedding

Guess WHAT! Megan and David’s wedding is featured over on Nashville Bride Guide today!!

Megan and David had a gorgeous “Indian summer” wedding in late September at the Barn at Sycamore Farms, just outside of Nashville. I had so much fun shooting this wedding, and loved spending the day with this thoughtful, kind, and oh-so-fun bride and groom.

When I asked Megan about waking up on her wedding, she shared how overwhelming it can be to think about the magnitude of what is happening on this day!

It was just hard to process that such a big, important day of my life was finally here and actually happening!!

Wedding Vendors:

There are so many moments from the wedding day that you never want to forget! I asked Megan what she would remember most from her wedding day…
I think there are three very sentimental parts of the day for us that were unique and special: 1) Having my grandparents come up and pray for us during the ceremony, 2) Gabe Dixon playing all the music for the ceremony and cocktail hour, and 3) my best friend Natalie singing “In Christ Alone” immediately after I walked down the isle.

When it comes to favorite moments of the day, I am so glad Megan pointed out the one below, because her expression is PERFECT!

It’s so hard to pick just one favorite moment! I would have to say when we entered the reception. David’s cousin Jason announced us and we were both floored at the amount of people there — shouting, smiling, and loving us. It was an overwhelming and comforting feeling to be supported by so many good people.

Megan and David, it was a JOY to be a part of your special day!!

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