Our 2016 Christmas Cards

Merriest Christmas from the Teasleys!

This year we chose some fun two-sided minted.com cards for our Christmas cards. Thanks to our friends at minted picking up a few of my clients’ photos to use in their holiday card samples (You can see a few of those chosen HERE), we were given a minted.com credit and were able to put it to good use!

The funny thing is, I actually didn’t quite order enough cards, so I commissioned my friend Leslie Ann Jones to create a few more for us, based on her simple, meaningful designs that I loved so much!! I hope LAJ can do our cards next year as well! 🙂 I LOVE her work, and love the opportunity to support a fellow small business owner, so it’s a win-win! Thanks, Leslie Ann, for the beautiful cards!! I’ve decided this year to own up to the fact that I am obsessed with Christmas cards about as much as I’m obsessed with school/office supplies. I think I have a problem. I want to order them all!

And thanks to each of YOU who sent us a beautiful card this season. We love sharing them with our kids and all who visit our home!

Just a sampling of the client cards we received this season!

Our pastor encouraged us to send Christmas cards to some shut-in families in our church, which is an awesome idea. This also gave me some ideas for becoming more generous with our cards… we decided to give them with teacher gifts, to our new neighbors so they can put names with faces, and to others we do business with on a regular basis. It’s so fun to bring a smile to someone’s face with a simple photo card and greeting. Would you like to be added to our Christmas card mailing list? If you didn’t get a card from us this year but would like one next year, send me a note with your address!

I’ve been busy away from the blog, spending time with our families, but I’ll continue posting some fall photo goodness over here on the blog as often as I can remember! 😉 I can’t wait to share our fall family photo session with Chesley Summar as well!

Merry Christmas, Y’all!

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