Rachel Turns 3 | A Birthday Recap

Has it really been 3 years already? Seems like just yesterday when I was sharing her birth story and her newborn photos! And just last week I posted her two-year photos… right? The month of November has been party month for us. It started with a birthday calendar to help our almost-three-year-old understand and count how many days she had to wait until her party and her actual birthday… and then that all got turned upside down when we ALL got the stomach bug (yeah, not fun)… which resulted in party being rescheduled, etc. etc. So birthday DATE arrived before party, and we decided we would make the most of it.

We made cupcakes at home on her birthday, and she was so excited to help (and let’s be honest, eat the batter, eat the icing, and eat the actual cupcakes… oh and eat the sprinkles as they were being sprinkled). Help? Yes… that! 😉

After cupcakes, at daddy’s suggestion, we took her to Chuck E. Cheese’s for lunch and games. I am not a huge fan, but there were literally three kids in the entire place, and every machine had free tickets coming out since they had all just been cleaned. It was perfect! David watched while Rachel played, we got her “treats” and headed home for nap time.


After nap, we loaded up her candles and she blew them out before enjoying one of her homemade cupcakes.

And, just for kicks… Here are a few things I want to remember about my sweet three-year-old little girl!

  • She loves cupcakes and candles and birthdays.
  • She loves jumping and requested a “Jump House” birthday!
  • She repeats everything we say and likes to pretend to be mama… ouch! Some of the things I hear her say are pretty convicting! 😉
  • She is always ready to do the next thing… and is very much a processor.
  • She is tall. Her height continues to register off the charts (100%tile +)!
  • She knows driving directions so well… how to get to church, or to school, or wherever else we need to go, and she has a way of knowing when we are off the path.
  • She knows most of her letters and numbers, and can count to eleventeen. Yes.
  • She loves to care for baby David, by way of toys and food and bottles.
  • She loves crafts and play doh and stickers and soccer balls.
  • Music Class is (and has always been) a favorite. She’s becoming more bold in singing, and while she doesn’t try to carry a tune, she knows all the words to all the songs!
  • Her current favorites on Netflix are High Five House, Leap Pad Numbers, Land Before Time and Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood (Amazon).

Oh how we love our sweet girl!

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Until next time…

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