Julianne and Matt’s Wedding at Loveless Barn | Nashville Wedding Photographer

As a Nashville wedding photographer, I seriously get to work with the sweetest couples! This wedding at Forest Hills Baptist Church and Loveless Barn was no exception. It was a photography dream!

I met these two through a really fun camp connection… Actually, if I can walk down memory lane for a minute, I met Natalie, the bride’s sister, when I was in seminary and she was a freshman moving into her college dorm. I convinced Natalie later that year to apply to work camp, and she did for several years, and the rest is history! When her sister, Julianne, got engaged, Natalie was so sweet to make the connection and set up a meeting about photography for Julianne’s Nashville wedding.

Matt and Julianne’s wedding day was so full of joy, and it really centered around the true meaning of marriage. These two share a deep faith and really want their marriage to reflect the gospel. This purpose was clear throughout every detail of their day, and I LOVED being a part of a day that had so much meaning and purpose! Just look at the smiles in every image!

Nashville Wedding Photographer, Loveless Barn

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Matt and Julianne, you guys are the real deal, and I’m so thankful that God allowed our paths to cross. Wishing you all the best as you approach one year of marriage!

And a special shout out to my amazing second shooter for the day. You are a rock star, Megan McGee!

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