Adrienne + Garrett | Engaged

I’m thrilled to share today’s session with you! Adrienne and Garrett are such a fun couple, and I couldn’t be more excited to be their wedding photographer in January! Adrienne lived with us for semester while working at LifeWay, and we loved sharing our home with her. Adrienne and Garrett met working camp together several summers ago. (Side note – I just realized I interviewed both of them for the job, and God had something so much bigger in store!)

This summer they were in Nashville along with Adrienne’s camp team, and we decided to do a sunrise engagement session! I wanted to scream¬†when they told me they were up for the challenge… I was so pumped. Camp is hard work with very little sleep, so I had a hard time believing they would voluntarily get up that early to hang out with me and have some pictures taken. Needless to say (as you can tell from the photo below) it was the right decision and the light was absolutely gorgeous. Adrienne and Garrett, Nic and I can’t wait for your Virginia wedding!


AdrienneGarrett_Engaged-5462 AdrienneGarrett_Engaged-5478 AdrienneGarrett_Engaged-5502 AdrienneGarrett_Engaged-5585 AdrienneGarrett_Engaged-5621 AdrienneGarrett_Engaged-5633 AdrienneGarrett_Engaged-5682 AdrienneGarrett_Engaged-5693 AdrienneGarrett_Engaged-5729 AdrienneGarrett_Engaged-5781 AdrienneGarrett_Engaged-5859 AdrienneGarrett_Engaged-5873 AdrienneGarrett_Engaged-5950 AdrienneGarrett_Engaged-5995 AdrienneGarrett_Engaged-6014 AdrienneGarrett_Engaged-6017

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