Mother’s Day Surprise

For Mother’s Day this year, my sister-in-law and I collaborated on a secret project for my mom! She’s always wanted pictures of her two granddaughters together, and every time we’ve gotten them together, I’ve been wrangling a newborn or feeding her or something other than grabbing my camera and taking pictures of cute kids. So, we decided to pick a time to do just that! We knew mom loved the rustic look of old cabins and sweet little bare feet with beautiful dresses. It was so much fun to do this shoot and took everything I had not to spill the beans! We spilled them a little bit, but she was so excited to get her gorgeous prints in the mail – both an album and some professional prints to frame for her house. I’m so thankful for my mom and all that she means to us, and blessed to be able to give her a gift that reminds her of the joys of being a Nana! We love you so much, mom! Enjoy your pictures!


TeasleyPhotography_Rachel2-7708TeasleyPhotography_MothersDay-7734 TeasleyPhotography_MothersDay-7780 TeasleyPhotography_MothersDay-7832 TeasleyPhotography_MothersDay-7886 TeasleyPhotography_MothersDay-7966 TeasleyPhotography_MothersDay-8022 TeasleyPhotography_MothersDay-8044 TeasleyPhotography_MothersDay-8099 TeasleyPhotography_MothersDay-8130 TeasleyPhotography_MothersDay-8190 TeasleyPhotography_MothersDay-8264 TeasleyPhotography_MothersDay-8271 TeasleyPhotography_MothersDay-8348TeasleyPhotography_MothersDay-8349TeasleyPhotography_MothersDay-8356 TeasleyPhotography_MothersDay-8507

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