Happy Birthday Nic!

Guess who turns the big 3-0 today… none other than Mr. Nicolas Teasley!


Nic, Happy Birthday! I am so thankful for you and excited to celebrate YOU today. You work so hard and even though you won’t stop working today, you deserve a little celebration. Some of these are things you’ve heard before, but here are just 30 reasons I’m thankful for you!

  • You love the Lord.
  • You follow your dreams, including starting your own business.
  • You fix cars, and houses, and just about anything.
  • You aren’t afraid to tackle big projects, especially home projects.
  • You take care of Bear while I am prone to neglect him.
  • You make smoothies for breakfast every morning… even when you get tired of them, because you know I never do!
  • You are funny, and you make up your own song lyrics on a daily basis.
  • You always love to play and have fun.
  • You are quite the salesman/negotiator… to the point that it embarrasses me sometimes.
  • You are now in your 30s with me. It’s about time!
  • You have taught me lots of things, from how-to-shoot-a-gun to why-certain-car-parts-do-what-they-do.
  • You are one of the most giving people I know.
  • You always want to help people. Neighbors. Friends. Strangers.
  • You are my best friend.
  • You are a great cook, and an excellent griller. Much better than me at both.
  • You sacrifice personal time to prepare for our new baby and do home projects.
  • You care for our family.
  • You still love me, even when I won’t scratch your back.
  • You encourage me and pray for me.
  • You aren’t afraid to try new things, and I usually am.
  • You are creative and full of great ideas.
  • You care about the little things.
  • You deeply value our marriage.
  • You don’t hold back and don’t worry about what other people think. I admire this!
  • You are a wealth of knowledge… about the most random things! It’s always helpful.
  • You married me in your birthday month…kind of a big deal.
  • You keep your cool and don’t let things get to you.
  • You aren’t afraid to second shoot with me and invest time and energy into my photography business.
  • You research just about everything to find the very best for our family.
  • You are much more of a husband and friend than I ever deserve.
  • And one to grow on… you are going to be an incredible dad! I love you!

See… 30 isn’t so bad now, is it? God has certainly blessed us, and I love forward to many, many more years together!

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  1. Emeott says:

    Well A-men Meredith… Happy birthday, Nic. You really are a great guy and I approve!!!!

  2. Gayle Jenkins says:

    Happy Birthday Nic! I hope you got the full impact of your California family singing Happy Birthday to you on Sunday. It sounded pretty awesome on our end:) we miss you guys here and wish we could be there to celebrate with you. You have a very exciting time coming up in your life. What a big year! Parenthood is amazing and scary but God has chosen you! Have a wonderful birthday.

    Aunt Gayle

  3. Mom Teasley says:

    You are such a blessing to your dad and I. Looking forward to the next 30 years in Nashville. On a birth day moms certainly look back to that moment when their
    child enters the world. You were not without pomp
    and circumstance as you got your own customized crib and had a large battery of doctors and nurses on hand for your arrival. You even made medical study records as a survivor of the Jaleisco cheese outbreak. BUT GOD. Bigger and better plans for your life and into the future. We love you. Dad and mom.

  4. Cara Teasley says:

    Happy Birthday Big Brother. Love Cara

  5. Cindy says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY 30 is a pretty BIG number. Have a great day and a good time tonight at dinner. Sorry we had to miss it but enjoy anyway. Give Meredith a hug for us. God Bless Uncle Drew & Aunt Cindy

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