It’s a … [plus July goals]

It’s a GIRL! Nic and I are excited to announce that we are expecting a baby GIRL in November. Today we had our 20-week ultrasound to do an anatomy check and make sure everything is growing properly. I was a nervous wreck! The ultrasound went really well, and our tech was super nice and affirming about everything. I was most nervous about finding out the gender. I think it is because I knew that at that moment this whole bringing-a-child-into-the-world thing would become even more real, and it did! She asked us if we had names picked out, and Nic told her only a boy name. She said,”Well, you better start thinking of more names because it’s a girl!”

Everyone keeps asking me if we are excited, and I am, but the word I really want to use is relieved. I am just so relieved to know what it is! I feel like the planning can really begin now. All along, I haven’t had any “feelings” one way or another, and haven’t had preferences at all… just praying for a healthy baby! Nic, on the other hand, was certain it was a boy and was rooting for a boy, so I think he was incredibly shocked that it wasn’t a boy! He is excited, but nervous about being a push-over with his little daddy’s girl. God is good and we are so blessed! Since we had fun with photos announcing our pregnancy on social media, we decided to do the same with our gender reveal.


Since it’s that time again, let’s talk about goals for the month of July! I’m excited to say I completed nearly all of my June goals. My favorite one is our pay-off-the-house-in-two-years plan. Once again, I failed to finish my reading selection, but I plan to finish it up this week (between family hang-out time for the 4th of July and pinning cute nursery ideas on Pinterest). We’ve been walking every morning before work, and that’s been a great step toward my ideal day. Here are my July goals:

  • Walk daily to maintain a healthy pregnancy
  • Keep the garden alive in this summer heat
  • Start planning a nursery for our baby girl
  • Finish reading Start by Jon Acuff and The Pregnancy Companion by Dr. Heather Rupe (she’s a Christian doc in the practice I go to!)
  • Find and begin a parenting book (taking suggestions)
  • Develop film from Rolleiflex (Sorry, Erin and Bryan!!!)
  • Go to California
  • Attend the May family reunion
  • Shoot a wedding of some amazing people

It’ll be a busy month for sure! Thanks to everyone who’s been praying for a healthy pregnancy and for our new addition. God is so good, and we are incredibly blessed. I hope my goals can help me make the most of the days He has given! Happy July, and Happy Birthday to the best dad in the world!

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