Erin and Bryan | Engagement

Nic and I had such a fun engagement shoot with these guys! We were able to use a beautiful piece of property that belongs to some friends of the couple. It was perfect, and the weather cooperated quite beautifully. When Erin told me she wanted to do a camping-inspired engagement session for a portion of their shoot, I was thrilled. They had the best props for our camping engagement shots, and of course Nic had a blast starting and maintaining the fire for s’mores. Erin and Bryan, we are so very excited for you guys and your future marriage. We can’t wait to see how God uses your marriage to bless many others.

Teasley_BryanErin_Engagement-7297 Teasley_BryanErin_Engagement-7358 Teasley_BryanErin_Engagement-7449

Teasley_BryanErin_Murfreesboro_Engagement-7616 Teasley_BryanErin_Murfreesboro_Engagement-7507-2 Teasley_BryanErin_Murfreesboro_Engagement-7512 Teasley_BryanErin_Murfreesboro_Engagement-7573-2


Teasley_BryanErin_Murfreesboro_Engagement-7770 Teasley_BryanErin_Murfreesboro_Engagement-7872

Teasley_BryanErin_Murfressboro_Engagement-7826 Teasley_BryanErin_Murfreesboro_Engagement-7888 Teasley_BryanErin_Murfreesboro_Engagement-7951 Teasley_BryanErin_Murfreesboro_Engagement-8014



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