A Books and Blessings Baby Shower

This weekend I hosted my first baby shower in my home, and actually the first big event since we bought our house back in the summer. I wrote an article several months back about hosting a baby shower, but had never actually done it until this weekend.
The theme was “Books and Blessings,” and we encouraged everyone to bring a book for baby, since mom is a teacher! She acquired quite the collection of books. We went with a pink color scheme, since she’s having a little girl. Thanks to Pinterest, I had tons of ideas for decorating.

A little bit of everything... food, decorations, etc.


On the mantle, I covered more books in baby-themed scrapbook paper... and placed borrowed baby shoes on top!

The Front Entry Table... with a baby picture of mom and a framed invitation. I covered the books with scrapbook paper.

The Mantle (before I finished securing the banner letters)

In the dining room, we hung baby pictures of the new mom... converted to B&W and placed on baby-themed scrapbook paper, secured with ribbon.

The super cute diaper cake (made by another hostess's daughter), along with oreo pops... I put hershey kisses in mason jars, and then set the oreo pops inside.

I made a "blessings board" and had each person write a note, prayer, or blessing for mom and baby! We did this before serving food, to make sure everyone took part. Then, we pinned the notes to the board.

These dolls were a sweet homemade gift... I had to post a pic!

Using scrapbook letters, I made a book basket. We set this beside the expecting mom as she opened gifts... each time she received a book, she added it to the collection!

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