Day 4 &5 – When did I struggle in 2011? What did I discover? #reverb11

Day 4 and Day 5, here we go!
When did I struggle in 2011? 
I struggled a lot at different times this year…
Physically, I struggled through the Warrior Dash in September… since I had not exactly trained for it.
Financially, I struggled with our decision to build or buy a house… I also struggled with patience as we tried to pay off the last of our debts.
Mentally, I struggled with balancing work/home, figuring out coding on my blog, and other nerdy things.
What did I discover? 
I discovered a new love for photography this year… and actually worked to learn, study, read, and practice. It’s been a blast! I’m hoping to do even more with this in 2012.



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