5 Things I Didn’t Know About My Carseat (Britax Advocate ClickTight Review)

Yep. I’m the mom who cried trying to install a carseat. I’m also the mama who decided to forgo the trip to the gym because the carseat wasn’t installed in my car when it was time to leave for said gym trip! You try installing a carseat in the summer heat of Nashville, Tennessee. I dare ya. So yes, I am totally that girl.

It’s true that convenience and ease-of-use led me on a search for a great carseat, but along the way, I discovered there are so many amazing safety features I didn’t even know existed, and so much child safety information I had ignored!

Enter the Britax Advocate Clicktight ARB. (Keep reading to hear more!)

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I had the great honor of being a part of a fun moms event last week, sponsored by our friends at Britax and Nashville Moms Blog. The kind folks at Britax graciously gifted me a carseat for the purpose of this review, but also took the time to explain their newest and best safety features, and to help us understand a little more about Baby Safety Month, and Child Passenger Safety Week. We started with fun cupcakes and snacks, and then had a chance to interact with the carseat ourselves, ask tons of questions, and see a full installation demonstration in a real car on a hot Tennessee day! The BEST part was getting to install the carseat myself in my own car with an expert looking on… for the win!!

Meredith Teasley Photography www.meredithteasley.com Meredith Teasley Photography www.meredithteasley.com

I discovered there were quite a few things I didn’t know about my child’s carseat, or that I simply underestimated. Here are a few highlights.

  1. Read the instruction manual. In the user manual you’ll find lots of helpful information. As I watched the carseat demonstration, I kept thinking to myself, “I didn’t know that gadget did that…” over and over and over! Had I read the manual, I might know those things! 😉
    Meredith Teasley Photography www.meredithteasley.com
  2. Register your carseat. That registration card isn’t just spam. It allows you to be the first to know if a recall is issued for any reason on your carseat.Meredith Teasley Photography www.meredithteasley.com
  3. Never use both the clips and the seatbelt to secure the carseat. While I hadn’t ever necessarily thought to do this, I hadn’t thought not to do it either. I learned that using both compromises the integrity of each, and thus the safety of your child in the event of an accident. However, I absolutely LOVE the ClickTight technology in the Britax Advocate, which encourages the use of just the seatbelt. This makes it super easy to install, and the ClickTight system provides added security as the belt “clicks tight” underneath the child’s seat. It doesn’t wiggle around like other seats I’ve used. And, the double belt makes it extra secure.
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  4. Don’t pinch an inch. This is such a quick and simple way to remember if the harness is tight enough on your child. Squeeze the harness strap horizontally, and if you can pinch an inch, it’s too loose. However, the ClickTight technology in the Advocate allows you to pull the belt until you hear it “click” and then you know it’s tightened appropriately. Such a simple addition to the seat really sets your mind at ease! Did you know seats also naturally loosen over time? Another reason the ClickTight is a great help.
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  5. Rear-facing is 5x safer. I knew it was “safer” for my child, but I did not know it was FIVE TIMES SAFER. New laws in my state will have my child rear-facing until age two, and now I’m reassured why that’s happening. Britax’s new ARB (anti-rebound bar) helps in that rear-facing position as it absorbs impact on the rebound of a front or rear collision. I love the extra safety and protection. The bar is easy to install, and equally as easy to uninstall when you move to a forward-facing carseat.

Speaking of moving to a forward facing carseat… I used to be so worried about buying a carseat that would soon expire. I was thrilled to hear that the new Britax Advocate has a 10-year expiration date. Woohoo!

Meredith Teasley Photography www.meredithteasley.com

All-in-all, I’m very impressed with the Britax Advocateespecially the ClickTight system and the anti-rebound bar! My only negatives are two: it is a big seat, and it is heavy. Both of these are well worth it for me to know my child is safe and secure. One of the best pieces of advice I received in searching for a carseat was this: Peel back the layers. Don’t just shop for cushy fabric and cute design. Literally peel back the layers and see what the seat is made of underneath. In this case, steel bars and lots of impact absorption technology! 😉 All great things.

Meredith Teasley Photography www.meredithteasley.com

Did I mention that it felt like our very own Oprah’s favorite things when I saw all those carseats together?!?!

THANK YOU, Britax, for #raisingthebar with safety, and taking the time to inform moms about the ins and outs of a FANTASTIC carseat!

Wondering how safe your carseat really is? And do you know if it’s installed correctly? I was floored to learn that 96% of parents think they’re installing their seats correctly. Yet, three out of four are not.  Find a car seat check event or a technician near you at www.safekids.org.

Aaaaand… you can get huge savings on Britax carseats at lots of retailers right now. This month, look for the All About Baby Safety Event (up to 25% off at participating retailers).

*This post is sponsored by Britax.  *Affiliate links may be present.

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