Rachel and Nic | Birmingham Wedding

I’m honored to share today’s wedding! I met Nic, the groom, back in 2009 when he served on summer camp staff with me. I was actually Nic’s boss that summer and the following two summers… which made it quite simple as a photographer to get the crew to follow direction on wedding day! Nic Teasley and I got to know Rachel last fall, shooting their engagement session. We have so much fun with this couple, enjoy their laughter and joy, and admire their passion for the Lord and ministry! We can’t wait to see where God leads them.

Rachel and Nic tied the knot at a small Birmingham church in the heart of Homewood. The weather was beautiful and the ceremony was incredibly worshipful. Hopefully these images will tell you the story of their beautiful day!

Bridal Gown: Low’s Bridal

Groom’s Attire: Nautica
Venue: Raleigh Avenue Baptist Church
Flowers: Sheila Peoples
Cakes: Wedding Cakes by Jan (O’Donnell)
Rehearsal Dinner: Gerald and Margie Bryant
Officiant: Dr. Steve Booth




Teasley_Photography_Seaborn_Wedding-0240Teasley_Photography_Seaborn_Wedding-0270Teasley_Photography_Seaborn_Wedding-0293Teasley_Photography_Seaborn_Wedding-0335Teasley_Photography_Seaborn_Wedding-0355 Teasley_Photography_Seaborn_Wedding-0375 Teasley_Photography_Seaborn_Wedding-0421 Teasley_Photography_Seaborn_Wedding-0436 Teasley_Photography_Seaborn_Wedding-2-6 Teasley_Photography_Seaborn_Wedding-0477Teasley_Photography_Seaborn_Wedding-0507 Teasley_Photography_Seaborn_Wedding-0491 Teasley_Photography_Seaborn_Wedding-0558 Teasley_Photography_Seaborn_Wedding-0588 Teasley_Photography_Seaborn_Wedding-0631


Teasley_Photography_Seaborn_Wedding-2-10 Teasley_Photography_Seaborn_Wedding-0904 Teasley_Photography_Seaborn_Wedding-0979 Teasley_Photography_Seaborn_Wedding-0978 Teasley_Photography_Seaborn_Wedding-1004 Teasley_Photography_Seaborn_Wedding-2-2 Teasley_Photography_Seaborn_Wedding-1052 Teasley_Photography_Seaborn_Wedding-2-9

Teasley_Photography_Seaborn_Wedding-0881 Teasley_Photography_Seaborn_Wedding-1083 Teasley_Photography_Seaborn_Wedding-1140 Teasley_Photography_Seaborn_Wedding-1326

I had to share this last image, because it was one of the most hilarious moments of the day! As the couple was leaving, Nic’s grandmother got in the back seat of their car! Clearly, she was planning to come along. Teasley_Photography_Seaborn_Wedding-1386

Rachel and Nic, thanks for making us feel like family on your big day. It was a joy to photograph your wedding!

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